You can transfer data from website to excel sheet, just know this easy way

technical information office This can be time consuming if you manually enter all your information from a website or import photos or printed documents into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. However, you can quickly import data from the web, images, and prints with the tools available in the mobile versions of the Windows and Excel. For example, if your monthly transactions are on paper and you want this data to appear in your Excel sheet, you will need a spreadsheet. You have to enter each data manually, but you can save time by using the Image Data function. How the Data from Image function works: This function scans the photo and searches for the required data. So the analysis. Like a price chart printed in a magazine, a printout of financial transactions and also a screenshot of the chart from a website. With it, you can modify any data you find, and then everything is imported into your spreadsheet. You can save time by following these tips. This method can be used on your Windows and Mac desktop android and iOS devices. You must open the spreadsheet into which you want to import the data. Click on the Data tab in the top menu bar.

Select the Get External Data option. Click Web Options. Now paste the link of the website from which you want to extract the data. Select the tables you want to import from the options. Click the Import button. Import data from photos. However, it should be noted that this option is not available on Windows, but you can do it on Mac, iOS and Android apps. Open the Excel app on your iOS or Android device and sign in to your account. Click the Photo Data icon. Click on the photo option. Wait for the analysis and check for errors. Click the Import button. This option is not available on the desktop version of MS Excel. However, you can do this on your Android or iOS mobile app which allows you to scan or click document images directly from the app scanner. Open the MS Excel app on your Android or iOS device. Tap the small camera icon at the bottom of the sheet. Click the photo of the print data from which you want to extract the data. Wait for the scan, press Open and review the errors. Press the Import Data button. After using the app to import data from photos, you can work on this spreadsheet on your Windows PC.


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