Website wrongly attributes quote to former Nickelodeon star


CLAIM: Former Nickelodeon actress Jennette McCurdy said: ‘Hollywood elites rape children.’

AP ASSESSMENT: False. A representative confirmed that she did not make this statement, and the website that made the claim cited interviews that do not include such a quote.

THE FACTS: A website known for spreading misinformation published the fake quote in a headline that has been circulating online in recent days, including as a screenshot.

“Nickelodeon actress blows the whistle: ‘Hollywood Elites Rape Children,'” reads the headline from the website, which is paired with a photo of McCurdy.

A tweet spreading the claim racked up more than 11,000 likes.

The erroneous story began by claiming that McCurdy “exposed how children are routinely drugged and raped by Hollywood executives, and forced to engage in horrific sex acts with pedophiles in order to further their careers.”

But a representative for McCurdy, Jill Fritzo, confirmed in an email to The Associated Press that McCurdy made no such statement.

The dodgy website also provided no evidence for its claim, instead citing stories from the New York Times and FoxNews which do not include such claims.

McCurdy recently released a book, “I’m glad my mother is dead”, which tackles childhood trauma. She has accused a pattern of inappropriate behavior, such as pressuring her to drink while underage.

The former actress co-starred on Nickelodeon’s “iCarly” shows with Miranda Cosgrove and her spin-off “Sam & Cat” opposite Ariana Grande.


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