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Epic Games announces another reboot rally in Fortnite. They’ve often tried to promote the game to players who no longer play, offering events or rewards to entice them back into the game, and this recent Fortnite Reboot Rally is how they do that.

Some skilled players can register and play with friends to earn rewards, which both parties can redeem. This is as much of a reward for the returning player as it is for the existing player.

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It’s an exciting event, but it only applies to certain players. Here’s what you need to know.

Reboot Rally Fortnite: everything you need to know about the event

Epic Games added a blog post on September 19 outlining its intentions with this event:

“It’s time to rally the team! During Reboot Rally, round up your friends who haven’t played Fortnite in a while (or just started playing in Chapter 3 Season 4) and show them the new this season. As you complete Reboot Rally quests and bonus objectives, you and the returning/new friend(s) you play with will earn points for in-game rewards.”

This event requires two different types of players. One must be a new or former player, and the other must be an active player. Epic Games defines these two types of Reboot Rally Fortnite members as:

“A returning player/eligible new player is anyone who has played less than 2 hours of Fortnite in the 30 days prior to Chapter 3 Season 4. An active player is anyone who has played more than 2 hours of Fortnite during the 30 days leading up to Chapter 3 Season 4. The Reboot Rally runs from September 19 at 9 a.m. ET through October 3, 2022 at 9 a.m. ET.

If you have a friend who hasn’t played much recently, they might qualify for this event. To see who could qualify, check out the friends tab in the game’s sidebar.

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If you are an active player, you will see qualified friends from returning players or new players. The reverse is true for new players or old players.

The website for registration is Loopers can do this event with one, two or even three friends. It is even possible to do it with more than that if the selected game mode allows it.

To qualify, there must be at least one returning player. If there are three active and one returning, that will qualify very well.

The event awards points to players for participating and completing specific tasks. At certain point thresholds, the following rewards will be awarded to all players involved:

  • 50 points: Barb-BQ Emoticon
  • 100 points: Freshly Forged Packaging
  • 150 points: Burning Red Revenge Pickaxe
  • 200 points: Spirited Descent Glider
Reboot Rally Rewards (Image via Epic Games)
Reboot Rally Rewards (Image via Epic Games)

Also, Reboot Rally quests don’t all have to be completed with the same friend. New or active players can play with any of their peers and receive the rewards when they complete the required challenges on their own.

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