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COLOMBIA – Parents and guardians across the country and in mid-Missouri can now use a website to help find formula.

The website,, was created by Ken, who is a Philadelphia dad to his 2-month-old son. Ken said the website is an easy way for parents to find out what baby formula is near them.

Guardians can visit the website and sign up for free, both for email and/or SMS alerts. The website then requires a zip code so Ken can search for the formula available in each specific area.

SMS/email alerts will then be sent to those in the given postcode, once Ken has found the formula in stores.

“And when we get a notification, we’ll send you this text message to let you know what we found, what store it’s in, and what size it’s available in,” Ken said.

Ken said he started this website because he was having trouble finding formula for his child. He said he would search around 3-4 hours a day online trying to find formula.

“So I just kind of wrote a script that went around my zip codes,” Ken said. “Within a couple of days I had a few cans and then I was like ‘wow, all my friends on Facebook have this problem too, this seems like something I can just replicate.'”

For a mom from middle Missouri, Ken’s website has proven to be very helpful.

Robin Anderson said this new website is more accessible and more accurate than waiting for Facebook groups to post the available formula.

“Most of the time they’re in places close to me,” Anderson said. “I kind of, I picked a radius in Colombia that was pretty wide, but a lot of them are curbside or 2 miles to go, so it saved me so much time. ”

Ken said he was looking for a formula in nearly 14,000 postcodes. He also said he relies on each store’s online websites to give him specific information on what formula is available and where.

“We’re probably watching closely, I’d guess probably somewhere in the vicinity of maybe 125,000 stores at this point,” Ken said.

Currently, Ken said he is looking for preparations for around 61,000 people and only in certain stores:

  • walmart
  • Target
  • SVC
  • Walgreens
  • Amazon
  • Costco
  • buybuyBABY
  • Kroger (Sheaves)
  • Meijer
  • Similar
  • Sam’s Club

Anderson said she was glad the information came to her instead of looking for a formula herself.

“Any tool that creates more certainty in times of scarcity is priceless,” Anderson said.

Ken, who works full time, provides the service for free, but the the servers and bandwidth to maintain the service “are not cheap”.

If you can spare something to keep this site online, I appreciate it! If you can’t donate, a shout out on social media is just as helpful,” Ken told the website.

The Findmybabyformula Facebook page can be found here, and the Twitter account can be found here.


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