The media calls people who read the WEF website ‘conspiracy theorists’


By Wyatt Claypool

Legacy media obfuscates the issue by acting as if WEF influence isn’t a major issue simply because the influence isn’t literally checked.

Frankly, trying to control politicians directly is a lot more work than just starting a fancy convention every year and getting politicians to voluntarily stand next to you in order to appear more credible and noble.

Politicians can be some of the laziest people on the planet, so when some smart-sounding German essentially creates pre-packaged ‘socially conscious’ rigs for them to copy, they’ll jump right on board, even if they don’t. Turns out they’re basically willing to push the repackaged Italian fascist economy.

(By the way, I don’t use the label “fascist” as a pejorative, Schwab’s “stakeholder capitalism” bears an uncanny resemblance to the syndicalism (i.e. unionism) that constituted the economic policy of Benito Mussolini’s Italyexcept that Schwab is an internationalist instead of an ultra-nationalist.)

Although the passive control of politicians is quite obvious, the fact that the media has begun to push back against the idea that the WEF is anything more than a club of people who discuss economic and social issues demonstrates that they have intellectual incentives somehow to protect politicians linked to the WEF

In the National Post article, Tristin Hopper defends Michelle Rempel Garner for going to the World Economic Forum in Davos twice, as if her Achilles’ heel against the WEF when people started calling her for her association was anything but political survival.

Hopper said:

Canadian Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner was a participant in Davos Once Upon a Time, and in a long essay for The Lineshe said it was basically like a very, very expensive college lecture where you might bump into Angela Merkel in the bathroom.

Sorry, but you don’t go to a scary internationalist event twice if you generally disagree with their goals, and Hopper avoids asking critical questions about Rempel’s association.

It’s pretty much the same report you get with all mainstream media. They claim to not understand the issues of association with the WEF in the same way the mainstream media claimed Justin Trudeau’s SNC Lavalin and WE Charity scandals were so complex and difficult to explain.

Source: DTT.


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