The Legend Of Heroes: Trails From Zero website “hacked” by in-universe character, Kitty; Revache introduced


The official site of the next The Legend of Heroes: The Trails of Zero has been updated with… curious additions courtesy of universe hacker Kitty.

The “Summary” and “Bracer Guild” sections were edited by Kitty, with the following emboldened and strikethrough lines signifying her speech. The unaltered texts are the original words written by protagonist Lloyd Bannings.


While far from complete, these field notes are a way for the SSS to catalog our information regarding the organizations, criminal and otherwise, that inhabit Crossbell City. As we learn more about these different groups, we will add to these notes in order to support our efforts to help the citizens of this city. I will supplement these notes with my own information. Consider it my little gift to a bunch of rookies who are clearly in over their heads.

Information is still being obtained and all grades are subject to review by Section Chief Sergei Lou (even if he insists he doesn’t want or need to). That’s assuming he’ll take the time to read them, which I really doubt.

Bracer Guild

An international non-governmental organization with branches across the continent, the Bracer Guild’s goal is to keep the peace and protect civilians. As this somewhat overlaps with our own guidelines, they could be considered SSS’s biggest competitor. Although to be honest, this rivalry is a bit one-sided in favor of the Bracer Guild right now…I must commend Lloyd for his honesty in this matter. However, to call the rivalry “one-sided” is a gross understatement. Maybe even calling it a ‘rivalry’ is too much.

Due to the stellar track record of their Crossbell branch and the impeccable work of internationally renowned Armband Arios MacLaine, the Armband Guild has become the first group citizens turn to when in need of assistance. Two new transfers include Estelle and Joshua Bright. My God, these two are definitely persistent…

Additionally, Kitty introduces two new characters from the mysterious Revache organization:


Revache is an influential mafia organization that has controlled the Crossbell City black market for many years. Its leader, Don Marconi, is a friend of President Hartmann, an important figure in the Crossbell government. This is how Marconi and his right-hand man, Garcia Rossi, can indulge in all their criminal acts so freely.

The Crossbell Police Department is well aware of the connection between Hartmann and Marconi, but all the corrupt politicians and officials these two have under their thumb have left the poor, poor CPD utterly unable to act.

If Revache were to start a war with Heiyue for control of Crossbell’s criminal underground, I would recommend the SSS stay out of it. Lloyd and his little friends are still so much fun to watch – it would be such a shame if they were to be crushed like insects in the conflict.

The Legend of Heroes: The Trails of Zero releases on Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam September 27, 2022.

The legend of heroes: the paths of Azuris out for Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC via the Epic Games Store, GOGand Steam in early 2023. Its limited edition and unaffixed merchandise is also available for pre-order.


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