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Specializing in CoolSculpting® Elite, a permanent non-invasive fat reduction treatment

/EIN News/ — San Francisco, Calif., Aug. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sculptology, #1 CoolSculpting Medical Spa in Lafayette and Pleasanton, is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new website. CoolSculpting® Elite is an FDA-approved procedure that aims to target, freeze, and eliminate treated fat cells. Supported by Cryolipolysis, a fat freezing technology, fat is removed from 9 different areas. This non-invasive treatment can eliminate up to 25% of treated fat cells in 1-3 months. Being non-invasive, this treatment is by far the safest option that works on stubborn fat. Coolsculpting in Lafayette has gained immense popularity as clients who have undergone this treatment must see visible results in their problem areas.

Sculptology – CoolSculpting Medical Spa in Lafayette

Lafayette and Pleasanton Coolsculpting is not just about removing stubborn fat, it is about ensuring body symmetry and even reduction. Sculptology’s personalized treatment plans aim for full coverage for better body structure. The best thing about the CoolSculpting® Elite treatment is that the fat cells die and don’t regenerate. Recognized as the best Coolsculpting in Lafayette, specialists always educate their clients and keep them informed in detail about the process. Most customers think losing weight and losing fat are the same, yet CoolSculpting and losing weight are two different things. The goal here is to change the shape of the body and shape the overall figure.

Every human body has several fat cells, which can expand or shrink as the body gains or loses weight. Cells vary from person to person. As a person ages, the body begins to accumulate stubborn pockets of fat, which are very difficult to reduce despite a healthy lifestyle. This is where the best Coolsculpting in Pleasanton comes into play. The treatment targets the stubborn fat cells hidden under the skin. During this process, no tissue or skin is damaged and only the fat cells are frozen and become inactive. In the weeks to come, the body will gradually process and eliminate the dead fat cells, which means that the treated fat cells are permanently gone.

Anyone with visible fat bulges in the abdomen, under the chin and jawline, flank, bra fat, back fat, upper arm and under the buttocks can still go to the best Coolsculpting Lafayette clinic for a consultation. CoolSculpting® Elite treatment results vary from one another. However, the treatment can be completed in less than 35 minutes, depending on whether it is a single or multiple area on a body, and multiple treatments take longer. Both clinics have clean, hygienic and spacious consultation and treatment rooms, supported by state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated professionals.

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Sculptology, #1 rated CoolSculpting Medical Spa in the Bay Area, CA*. The clinic has industry-leading medical aesthetic practices specializing in non-invasive body contouring. Having performed over 10,000 CoolSculpting procedures, Sculptology is one of the nation’s top 5 elite practices*. Created by Lauren Morgan and Alejandro Arnez, the clinic currently operates out of Lafayette and Pleasanton, California.




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