Problems on the income tax website on the last day of filing


The new income tax website showed errors today, which is also the last date by which citizens must file their tax returns.

Several users are raising their complaints with the Income Tax Department on social media about the website issues. While some said that the website is not moving forward, a few others said that they are encountering several errors and some people also said that the required categories do not show drop-down options. Users have also reported connection issues.

A taxpayer reported that validation failed because the website asked for the postal code. When filling in the details, the postal code also appears as a separate option from the PIN code. However, it is not a field when entering details in the online form.

The preview also displays the ZIP code and PIN code in the same field, but users cannot advance. The error occurs in cases where users have capital gains from the sale of assets. The user later reported that the issue was resolved when he logged back in.

Response from the Income Tax Department

Although the Income Tax Department hasn’t officially issued a statement, it has responded to individual complaints on Twitter asking users to share contact information and that their team would get in touch first. It also asks users “to contact the e-filing helpdesk on 1800 103 0025 (or) 1800 419 0025”.

Past issues

Also last week, users faced multiple issues while trying to file their tax returns. While some expressed concerns about the portal running slowly, others said they were encountering errors with pre-populated data.

The Income Tax Service launched the new website on June 7 last year. The functioning of the portal has been flawed on several occasions since then, prompting the government to extend the deadline for filing tax returns last year.

Infosys received the contract to develop the portal in 2019.

Also, the government is unlikely to grant an extension for the July 31 deadline for filing taxes this year.

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