Presidential office launches new website to better communicate with the public


SEOUL, June 23 (Yonhap) — The presidential office on Thursday launched a new website to facilitate better communication with the public.

The site, “People’s Suggestions,” will replace the “People’s Petitions” page used by Moon Jae-in’s former presidential office.

“It’s a communication channel reflecting President Yoon Suk-yeol’s commitment to becoming a president who communicates directly with the people,” Kang Seung-kyoo, senior presidential secretary for civil society, said during a briefing. Press.

The new site is made up of four sections: a civil complaint and suggestion page, a petition page, a section for submitting videos and a telephone directory.

An additional page for overseas citizens is expected to be added next month.

The presidential office said it will operate the site under the four principles of non-disclosure of civil complaints, which are mandated by law; use of real names only; limit comments that serve the interests of particular groups or organizations; and guarantee a response within the legal deadlines.

Under the previous administration, only petitions with 200,000 or more signatures were eligible for a government response, resulting in a response rate of 0.026%, a presidential official said.

The presidential office also plans to set up a public-private panel to select the best suggestions and put them to an online vote, with the winning bid to be considered for implementation by the government.


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