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After months of preparation and hard work by Pittsylvania County staff, an all new and improved Pittsylvania County website will go live starting June 15th. County staff chose to create a new website to improve the mobile experience, streamline site organization, and add significantly more content. about county services and operations.

“We are extremely pleased with the additional functionality, the way the site looks on desktop and mobile devices, and the additional information about what County Government is offering residents, businesses, visitors and organizations,” said Caleb Ayers, county public relations officer. “This new website is a solid, well-organized foundation upon which we can continue to expand the amount of information we share about county operations, projects and services.”

In calendar year 2021, the Pittsylvania County website had more than 813,000 total page views from 264,000 unique users, making the website one of the county’s most important communication channels. Over 41% of these users viewed the county’s website on a mobile device, showing the importance of being able to customize the website so that these users can easily find the right information.

In an effort to improve the mobile experience and improve the overall design, Pittsylvania County issued a request for proposals for website design and hosting services in June 2021. Of the 14 companies that have answered, Granicus, a respected digital government company that hosts more than 2,500 local government websites, demonstrated the most value, scalability, and design flexibility. The total website redesign cost $37,500 and was made possible through funding from the CARES Act.

The pandemic has demonstrated how the county needs to improve and diversify its communications efforts during public health events, disasters, etc., and having a strong website foundation is an important part of that, Ayers said. .

Facility Reservations and Online Payments, two tools Pittsylvania County plans to roll out after the site’s initial launch.

“County residents use the Pittsylvania County website to access information about a wide variety of services and to perform many important tasks,” said Vic Ingram, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. “The county’s new website will provide significantly more functionality and flexibility, making it easier for our citizens to learn and do business with us.”

Behind the scenes over the past year, the county’s public relations team has worked closely with departments and organizations across the county to create content about a variety of county departments, departments and operations that don’t were not on the website at all or were under-represented. Users frequently searched for information on many of these services and procedures, but there was none on the county’s website. Some common examples include things like marriage license and concealed handgun permit applications, county jail information, and details about building permits and inspections needed for particular projects.

When the site launches on the morning of June 15, there will be crossovers where some visitors will see the old site and others will see the new site. By June 16, all visitors should see the new site.

Some changes residents should be aware of:

The URL structure passes digits to breadcrumbs. The county has created redirects so that most popular links will still work, but individuals may find that a bookmarked page no longer works. We think it’s pretty easy to navigate the site to find what you’re looking for, or email webmaster@pittgov.org.

All accounts on the county’s current website will be deleted. These accounts are mainly used for job applications. Interested individuals will be able to create an account and apply for jobs through the new website. The department apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

The county will not be able to transfer every news article, document and piece of content. All agendas and minutes from before 2022 are available on the county’s laserfische web portal.


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