Oprah’s Website Honors Two NYC Festivals Among Best Fall Festivals


If an icon like Oprah (or someone on the Oprah team) notices you, then you know you’ve made it.

I love fall. It’s by far my favorite season, and I regularly look for ways to get out and do fall things. A writer for Oprah Daily decided to highlight 22 Best Fall Harvest Festivals and Events Across America and out of the 22, two amazing festivals made the list.

via Elliottville Fall Festival

via Elliottville Fall Festival

Located in Western New York and known as the “Playground for Outdoor Fun and Adventure,” the Elliotcottville Fall Festival takes place October 8-9, 2022. The article describes the festival as a very big event for all ages, showcasing the beautiful autumn landscapes with the leaves.

When the leaves are at their best, Ellicottville hosts a full festival with carnival rides, food, and live music. The real draw though? This beautiful burnt orange backdrop.

If you’re looking to catch the event, you can head to Washington Street for all the festivities. You won’t miss it. Here’s what to expect, according to the event’s Facebook page:

Tens of thousands of festival-goers put on a lively weekend of unique food, artwork, an arts and crafts show, carnival rides, performances and more. The Fall Festival is a fun, family-friendly way to kick off the fall fun in Ellicottville. The Fall Festival is THE way to kick off the changing seasons in Western New York.

Sounds like a blast, plus I know from experience they have a good beer in this region.

Photo credit: Tom Nycz Photography

Photo credit: Tom Nycz Photography

It is 100% a must see attraction here in New York. With two different locations: one on Long Island and the other in the Hudson Valley, Oprah’s website knows the hype surrounding this attraction.

A sight to behold, you’ll see over 7,000 intricately carved pumpkins light up this festival. It’s perfect for the ‘gram.

The Great Fire of Jack O’ Lantern captivated visitors from across the country since 2005. It’s honestly the most impressive thing to see in person, as it has these pumpkins synchronized with lighting and music, all designed and hand-carved. In addition, it takes more than 1000 volunteers to make it happen.

It is not, however, a free experience. Tickets are $40 for adults and seniors, $32 for anyone 17 or younger, and must be purchased in advance for a specific day and time at PumpkinBlaze.org.

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