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Global bearing and rotation technology specialist, SKF, is proud to announce the launch of its remanufacturing website – The goal of this innovative and user-friendly website is to provide customers with a simple and interactive way to gain a better understanding of how SKF’s specialist remanufacturing capabilities extend the life of industrial bearings, reduce costs and mitigate environmental impact.

SKF specialists are also available online to discuss customer needs and advise on how bearings can be restored to like-new quality to industry standards. SKF has made the website available to interested parties as a one-stop online research hub for companies considering remanufacturing as part of their business model.

Historically, cost was the primary factor for companies choosing remanufactured bearings over new bearings. However, over the past two years, SKF has seen that organizations’ decision to opt for bearing remanufacturing is driven by environmental considerations, as this practice supports their strategies for sustainable production processes. This resulted in rapid growth in sales of reconditioned bearings.

Consumers are also increasingly demanding that the items they buy or use in their own production processes have minimal impact on the environment. As part of the global shift towards a circular economy, SKF is developing solutions across its entire portfolio of products, systems, technologies, engineering and services to help customers achieve their economic and environmental sustainability.

The remanufacturing process starts when SKF specialists carry out a thorough analysis of the bearings to determine damage caused, for example, by wear, high temperatures, incorrect lubrication or rust. The appropriate remanufacturing steps are then taken to restore the bearings to their original performance level, with the quality guaranteed by SKF.

SKF’s capabilities extend to remanufacturing bearings to new or higher specifications and to meet application-specific requirements. This may include improvements to the original product, such as adding special coatings, improved sealing solutions or lubrication.

Bearing refurbishment offers significant economic and environmental benefits to customers. Instead of being replaced, reconditioned bearings are given new life and reused, resulting in immense cost savings and environmental benefits. In addition to a reduction in lead times, operational costs, material and energy consumption, bearing life and therefore machine availability are boosted, optimizing production for end customers. If a bearing needs to be replaced due to failure and it is not in stock, remanufacturing is one of the fastest ways to get it back into production, minimizing downtime. stop.

Remanufactured SKF bearings and housings conform to the same geometric, shape and quality specifications as new SKF bearings and housings. In fact, SKF applies the same standards, equipment, quality assurance, knowledge and skills in the remanufacturing process as those applied in the manufacture of new bearings. The warranty offered by SKF on remanufactured components attests to the high quality and reliability of these products.

SKF is increasingly focusing on remanufacturing industrial bearings used in industries such as metalworking; mining, mineral processing and cement; renewable and traditional energies, and pulp and paper.


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