Mindset Coach Dr. Seku Gathers Launches New Website


“Dr. Gathers works with celebrities, athletes, and professionals to unlock their full potential through healing of mind and body.

On a mission to uncover the truth, he invites others to join him

Physician, mental coach and podcaster, Dr Seku Gathers has launched a new website this month for professionals looking to take their life or career to the next level.

“My number one goal is to provide holistic, authentic, scientifically proven health services,” says Dr. Gathers. “Health is not a one-time operation – that’s why I offer this à la carte health approach. »

The new website offers various healthcare packages for individuals, including:

  • Individual mindset coachingfollowing a seven-step system that changes the mindset of participants to achieve higher levels of success, both personally and professionally

  • Medical Concierge Services with medically trained practitioners, nutritionists and specialists in patients’ homes or offices

  • Personal development Classes, both live and on video. One course, Designing Your Life Biography, uses the principles of storytelling to map a client’s life into three main parts: Act One, Protagonist Introduction; Act Two, introduction to the conflict; and Act Three, conflict resolution.

“We all have invisible barriers that keep us from achieving optimal success. My goal is to unleash people’s inner truth to overcome these obstacles,” says Dr. Gathers. “That’s exactly what my classes are designed for.”

Dr. Gathers has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. During his former career as an ER doctor, sudden illness and divorce forced him to reset and slow down. When old wounds from his troubled childhood resurfaced, he developed a method to turn trauma into truth and empowerment. His book Total Body Wellness: The Truth About Your Health shares this approach and explores the mind-body connection. He currently works as a mental coach and medical director for ConnectMD.

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