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KANE – The Trail Association of the McKean and Elk Divide (TAMED) Trail Club announced on Wednesday that the website developed by Alex Bond is now live and can be found online via

The new website features extremely useful information on local trails, including a downloadable map, free to the public. The TAMED web page was linked to the Trail Link site at Wednesday’s meeting, for which Judi Cook and Debra Miller were thanked by the organization for sparing their minimal free time to volunteer.

In other club news, The Trail Club plans to set up a Hamlin Bank & Trust Company drive-thru table on Fraley Street, after receiving Hamlin’s approval, during Alumni Weekend with merchandise and free, up-to-date information on the Knox & Kane Rail Trail.

The trail counter on the Borough Line had a count of 1,309 for the month of May and the trail counter at the Elk County line had a count of 779 for the month of May.

TAMED Trail Club, McKean County Commissioners, members of Headwaters Charitable Trust (Janie French) and more met with Carly Manino, Director and Corporate Communications for National Fuel, who presented a check for 20,000 $, as a grant, at the TAMED Trail Club on Tuesday, May 31.

To celebrate the trail and the grant, Congressman Glenn “GT” Thompson, R-Pa., was in attendance and spoke about the hard work all of the trail clubs have done together. He also praised trail clubs that put trail miles in what he considered a “little bit of time,” according to a recent article in The Ridgway Record.

Thompson also announced that the Headwaters Charitable Trust was one of the projects to receive $322,435, earmarked specifically to build eight crosswalks on national highways in Clarion, Elk, Forest and McKean counties along the rail trail. Knox & Kane.

The PA Environmental Council is preparing another Appalachian Regional Commission Electricity Grant Application as the Knox & Kane Rail Trail Phase II project to continue to help fund the TAMED section of the trail.


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