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Nitin Jain

Ludhiana, August 17

In a step towards mastering technology, the Ludhiana Police Station launched a new website with a citizen interface and real-time updates on various issues related to the public, in addition to providing several services, which previously required a visit to the police station.

The new website ( was launched by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann during the state-level Independence Day celebrations, which he chaired, here Monday.

Police Commissioner (CP) Kaustubh Sharma told The Tribune on Wednesday that the initiative aims to further streamline public delivery services and, in doing so, facilitate real-time updates to the public on a host of issues concerning the general public.

He said residents can download the copy of the FIR, file a complaint, check details of any vehicle stolen or found abandoned, status of missing persons and proclaimed offenders with the click of a mouse by visiting the user-friendly website.

Disclosing the features of the online interface portal, Joint Commissioner of Police (JCP) Saumya Mishra said that if a person buys a second-hand phone, there is a high chance that it has been stolen, ripped off or lost. But now it could be checked by putting the IMEI number of the phone handset on the new website.

“Sometimes a known person appears to be missing but may have been arrested at a police station. This can also be verified from the website,” she said.

Users can check whether a particular person was a declared offender or not, if so, at which police station and in which case.

A true bilingual site not dependent on machine translation services such as Google or others, provides hierarchies of the police station in two parts – one direct from the field officers down to the level of the police station and other specialized units.

In addition to providing historical data such as details of District Chiefs who have served so far, Jurisdictional Police Station Maps based on Google Maps have also been provided with dynamic data from SHOs and other Jurisdictional Officers, which makes it easier for citizens to browse any location and know the relevant officers.

In tribute to the martyrs of the police quarters, a gallery has been set up with photos and dates of martyrdoms.

Visitors can also access all the online services provided by the Punjab Police through the website.

Additionally, it provides a list of PIO, APIO and Appeal Authorities for the RTI Act, 2005, within the police station.

“Residents can check the status of their police check for passport issuance,” she said.

Along with downloading the daily crime report, an in-depth traffic police segment was provided, covering operational and educational aspects.

It also provides details of the Crimes Against Women Unit with the hierarchy and procedures for a citizen to understand how the department works.

“Since Ludhiana was covered by the CCTV camera system under the safe city project, details about it have also been given on the website,” the JCP said.

The flagship project, Saanjh, which was a unique public partnership project acclaimed by the Punjab Police, was also placed on the portal. The concept of the project and its evolution were explained in detail.

Contact details for SHOs, senior officers and other emergency services were also dynamically provided and updated.

The website further provides links to useful websites, lists of frequently asked questions and details of the good work done by the police, in addition to helping with media coverage and information sharing.

“Aim to strengthen the relationship between the police and the public”

“The initiative aims to strengthen the police-public relationship and provide various services or facilities to the public without even going to the police station. Our effort is to serve the public in the best possible way,” said Dr Kaustubh Sharma, Commissioner of Police.


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