Launch of a site offering free Luxembourgish lessons


Launch of a site offering free Luxembourgish lessons


The online course will make it easier for learners to connect from anywhere in the world, amid growing demand for the language

The online course will make it easier for learners to connect from anywhere in the world, amid growing demand for the language

New website lets people learn Luxembourgish online for free from anywhere in the world

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Free Luxembourgish lessons are now available online via a new website launched on Friday, to meet the growing demand for the country’s national language both in the Grand Duchy and abroad.

The website, LLO.LU, was built by five employees over a two-year period at a cost of 3.4 million euros, the education ministry said. The launch, unveiled at a press conference on Friday and announced earlier this year, is part of a joint program between the ministry and the National Institute of Languages ​​(INL).

“Everyone knows Duolinguo, it’s a bit the same principle with this platform which allows you to learn Luxembourgish anywhere in the world and 24 hours a day”, declared the Minister of Education Claude Meisch. Luxembourg must.

“We know that the demand for the Luxembourgish language is very high. It will not replace a course, but there may also be people who are not in Luxembourg who want to learn the language and who do not have much time. “, did he declare. .

Learners can choose from four teaching languages ​​on the interface – English, German, Portuguese and French – plus a Luxembourgish version for those who have some knowledge of the language and want to deepen their practice. The website offers free language instruction, initially for beginners and will later be expanded to include advanced level students.

The program will include formal learning modules focusing on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, as well as informal topics such as current affairs and culture, and academic and professional topics.

The INL already offers Luxembourgish courses for adults at three sites in the interior of the country, with a fourth due to open soon. The number of enrollments in Luxembourgish courses at the INL has more than doubled over the past decade, with 5,700 enrolling last year, making the language more popular than French for new learners at the institute in 2021.

The Luxembourgish language was enshrined in the country’s constitution as a national language this year as part of wider reforms. It is one of the three official languages, along with French and German.

The interest in the language is partly explained by the number of people applying for Luxembourg nationality in a country where almost half of the residents have a foreign nationality. The government already offers free language courses for those in the process of obtaining citizenship.

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