Koodo’s website suggests you upgrade to Telus, so you can choose 5G


A banner appears when looking at 5G-enabled phones suggesting that the customer should switch to Telus if they want 5G.

It’s unclear how long it’s been a thing, but I noticed it today on the carriers’ website, gathering pricing and pre-order information on new iPhones today. The banner indicates that 5G-enabled phones offered by Koodo will work on our Coastal 4G network. If you want access to the 5G network, switch to Telus.

And, this banner has two links. The first is to a page showcasing Koodos coverage, while the other links to a Telus page detailing all the benefits of 5G (and yes, those benefits do a lot of work there).

In turn, Koodo is the Telus liner. The three major spin-off brands like Fido, Virgin Plus, Public Mobile, etc. offer 5G connectivity so those who want the most reliable cellular networks can now go to Rogers, Bell or Telus. However, those other flankers don’t have banners like this at least, so they’re not available.

Another interesting detail: Telus added two idbits to its accelerated data processing plans, and at Koodos in February. Depending on your Telus plan, your speed is around 250 Mbps or 1 Gbps. If you pay more, you will pay better. Koodo offers unlimited speed. And yet, since I had a Koodo plan a few years ago, I was often at 300 Mbps on the 4G LTE network. Why aren’t you surprised because cheap 5G plans now exist?

Five G speeds are, indeed, not super fast in Canada. To be fair, I haven’t tried the new 3,500MHz spectrum yet, as I don’t live anywhere in town where they’re available, nor have I tested Telus 5G since 2019, but I don’t. haven’t had a chance to get anything faster than 100 Mbps.

Several MobileSyrup members have been pressured by Telus to make the leap from Koodo. It was recently that Mobilesyrup editor Patrick ORourke received a letter from Telus asking him to switch between Koodo and Telus for a plan that would cost the same price but with less data.

Will 5G ever be worth it for Canadians? With a bit of luck. Thoughts were still early, I don’t think plans are all about push and inclination, especially if a banner on a wireless provider’s website is an issue.


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