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GoDaddy has several templates generated from your chosen industry. However, to create a website suitable for your business, you need to design the pages, sections, images and texts according to your brand style.

Add your pictures

To add an image to your website, click Update, which is to the right of the image. Feel free to browse the available images or import images from your computer or social networks. When you find an image you like, click Insert. Don’t forget to add alt text to describe the image to users.

To edit an image, click on it. An editing menu will appear on your screen, allowing you to add filters and effects and crop.

You can also add your company logo. To do this, click on the name of your website. Then click on Upload or create a logo to select one on your computer. By selecting the Insert button, the logo appears. You can now click Do to go to the next step.

Add your text

This step is quite simple. Click the sample text to highlight, remove, or add it. Several text editing options are available, ranging from italics to bold, numbered lists, bullets and size.

However, don’t expect to add new text boxes to your website, as GoDaddy does not allow you to click and drag text boxes. You can only add a new section, which allows you to edit the text that accompanies it.

Add new sections

Your website comes with a few sections, including the Header, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions. To make it unique, add more features like menus, blogs, calendars, social feeds, videos, and photo galleries. To do this, click on one of the plus (+) icons on your dashboard. You can also delete sections you don’t want.

GoDaddy lets you add up to 20 sections per page and edit elements in the header and footer areas. However, you will not be able to add more headers or footers.

To edit the title or subtitle, click on the existing text. And if you want to replace the header image, click on the image itself, then on the Cover Media Button. Then click on Change picture to add images from your computer or from a stock image collection. There is also a feed that allows you to describe this image.

To edit your call-to-action (CTA) button, tap the button itself. It will open a submenu, where you can edit the action text, link to a website URL, and reposition the button.

But don’t stop there, as visitors expect to find information such as your contact details and links to terms of service, privacy policy and social media accounts at the bottom of the page. So it is good that you update it. Click on Accent to change the background color and enter your information in the fields provided, detailing your Company name, address and Phone number. Then click on Social account to connect your accounts to your website.

Add new pages

After including texts and images in different sections of your website, it is good that you create a page structure that suits your business needs. To do this, click on Website in the upper right corner of your dashboard. You will see how your pages are structured.

To add new pages, click the plus (+) icon on the Site navigation menu. You can rename, duplicate and delete created pages. You can also add external links and drop-down menus. And if you want to rearrange the pages, click the icon next to the plus (+) icon.

GoDaddy also lets you set selected pages as private, blocking content for specific users. For example, you can configure it to only open to users with a code, link or account.


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