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Aakanksha N Bhardwaj

Jalandhar, August 30

On the last day of “Khedan Vatan Punjab Dean” registration, people witnessed some issues in applying online. Many went to the district sports office to register there only. They were told by officials that the site was slow and not working properly due to heavy online traffic on the last day of registration.

Right answer villages

There is a very good response from the villages. We have decided to also entertain those who will come to us when the games start. Lovejit Singh, District Sports Officer

By 3 p.m., more than 4,500 people had already registered for the games. A computer scientist had been hired specifically for the job to register the players. Block level matches will start from September 1st. Six matches – football, athletics, volleyball, kho kho, tug of war and kabaddi will be played in 11 blocks.

Previously, the registration date was pushed back to August 25-30. Over 250 registrations were registered today. A 32-year-old merchant navy chief officer, Paramveer Singh Gill, had also come to sign up for table tennis. “I had tried to register online but I couldn’t, that’s why I have to come to the office,” he said.

Inderjeet Singh (73) was also seen sitting in the office waiting for officials to come so he could register 13 of his students who are training hockey with him. “Even I wanted to play, but I’m not eligible for the same,” he said. Another girl Anjali also came to Bhogpur office for offline registration.

District Sports Officer (DSO), Lovejit Singh said there was a very good response from the villages. “I have received phone calls from players who want to register. We have also decided to entertain those who come to see us at the start of the games. The objective is to ensure that as many players as possible participate in the games” , did he declare.

A meeting was also held at the DSO office where the coaches of almost every game were called and given instructions regarding the games.


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