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PlayStation to PC completed

Well in sync with the launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018 on PC, Sony has launched a new page on its website that clearly signals to the world its heightened interest in PC gaming in 2022 and beyond. The site, which keeps things fairly simple, lists titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man, Days Gone, God of War 2018, Horizon Zero Dawnall of which are already available on PC, but also highlight some upcoming titles, some of which haven’t received any further information since they were first revealed.

titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Moralesand the Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection are both listed on the site alongside the ambiguous release windows of “Fall 2022” and “2022” respectively. Although The last of us part 1 was announced for PC alongside the official reveal of the upcoming game on PS5 and its September 2, 2022 release date, there was no listing for the title on Sony’s page. It wasn’t until May that the console maker and publisher of some of the best titles in the industry acknowledged that by 2025, 50% of titles will hit PC and mobile platforms, further underlining their intended path. , while acquisitions from studios like Nixxes are helping to make it a reality.

We can even cite recent announcements and launches of Sony’s (not PlayStation’s, a key difference) INZONE line of headsets and monitors, dedicated to giving gamers the PS5 experience, from the discomfort of their desk chairs. . Of course, if you weren’t planning to support this industry vertical, you probably wouldn’t try to support it the way PlayStation currently is. They are catching up, however, with Microsoft doing a sensational job of leveraging Gamepass and their strong hold on the console-PC scene.

As Sony continues to invest in the PC, and therefore to invest in a previously untapped gaming base, it also continues to diversify its portfolio, leading the publisher to supposedly have 10 live games different ones in active development, all of which should arrive over the next 24 months, while Bungie’s official addition to Sony’s fold helps them facilitate this. Meanwhile, Sony is also going up against Xbox in how it delivers games to gamers, with the revamped PlayStation+ platform entering the subscription service space, offloading hundreds of titles from the PS4 and PS5. , along with a handful of PlayStation Classics that are also added monthly. The coming month already sees the full library of Yakuza Games, Dead in broad daylight, Monopoly and others join the fold for players to digest before they are potentially (or inevitably) taken offline, never to be made freely accessible again. The PC is just another piece of the PlayStation puzzle.



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