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Beyond Plastic Bermuda [BPB] announced the launch of its new website “designed to educate the community about the dangers of single-use plastics [SUPs] – its harmful effects on both the environment and our health – as well as providing useful information and resources to help everyone move away from single-use plastics.

A spokesperson said: “Beyond Plastic Bermuda’s goal is to encourage innovation and public/private partnerships to create sustainable models for reducing single-use plastics.

“The government’s intention is to ban twelve categories of articles; Although this is not an easy change, it is a vital change for the community. Bermuda has the opportunity to become a world leader by demonstrating how a community can live plastic-free, which will not only clean up the environment and improve our health, but will also appeal to travelers seeking healthy and sustainable destinations.

“BPB encourages the community to start reducing their consumption of single-use plastic, even one item at a time. Start by saying no to plastic bags, cutlery and pouches in takeout orders, plastic water and drink bottles, coffee cups and pods. The group urges the public to visit the new website and see the many alternatives that can be used to replace SUPs and the simple swaps that can be made.

“The new website also offers well-researched information on plastics, breaking news and scientific findings. Additionally, businesses, retail and food businesses can register on the website to become BPB champions by reviewing their individual requirements for champion status. Businesses will receive a BPB Champion badge to be featured in the workplace, online on social media and websites, as well as to receive promotion of their business by BPB.

“To help companies, BPB is happy to offer lunch and learn sessions, where the group will present either a webinar or an internal introduction to the dangers of single-use plastic to staff. These sessions can be booked by emailing »

Katie Berry from BPB added: “We are keen to help anyone trying to go beyond plastic and say no to single-use plastic. Our new website is a key resource for anyone, individual or business, ready to make the switch. Our lives depend on eliminating single-use plastics! It’s really bad for the environment and terrible for our health. We also thank CG for their generous sponsorship of the development of our website.

You can visit their new website at

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