Welcome to our new website! – Oakland County Times


Welcome to our new website!

Oakland County, MI – So here it is – the new and improved Oakland County Times!

After more than a decade with the same simple and reliable website, we’re happy to bring you a site that’s as convenient as it is enjoyable, thanks to our friends at loudbaby.com.

The layout is similar, intentionally designed for ease of use. But those on mobile will notice that it’s easier to use on those devices. We’ve also added a social media share bar to every post. Please use it often. The more you help share our posts, the more sites like Facebook and Twitter know that local journalism is valuable. It also helps us with clicks, which isn’t our top priority but is always helpful.

Another cool feature is at the bottom of each story. Here, the website automatically selects recommended posts and allows readers to access previous and next posts on the site.

For those who simply want news for their community, we’ve kept the list of cities and townships on the right side. In the sidebar you will also see links to our Paypal and Patreon buttons. When you participate in our website, you support local journalism.

Our informative and inspirational sections remain, including:

Reporter Food Restaurant Reviews

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Non-partisan candidate interviews

Over the past 12 years we have grown from a small community information site in Ferndale to the site you see today. We are proud to have transitioned to a county-wide framework. Our goal was to have a known presence in every community by 2020 and solid media coverage across the county by 2025. And we’re proud to be on track for that. Help us to continue on this path:

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Thank you very much to all those who participate in the realization of this site!


Crystal A. Proxmire

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