This may be the first Material You style website, and it’s not from Google


Bundled Notes has made a name for itself as a sleek to-do and note-taking app that is quickly embracing new design paradigms. It was one of the first third-party apps to get Material You support on Android, and it could now be the first-ever service to offer Material You themes on the web, even ahead of Google. As announced on Twitter, the web app can now be customized to your liking using a color picker, applying themes similar to Material You throughout the website.

Of course, the appeal of the Material You dynamic theme is generally its hands-off approach that requires you to do nothing more than set a wallpaper, but since your browser (currently) doesn’t know what wallpaper screen you set, this is the second best thing we can get right now.


By default, the Bundled Notes web app now comes in a monochrome gray and white look. With the new theme and fonts setting at the top of the app, you can change the design to look like your phone or desktop theme the way you want. A material toggle lets you see a standard color picker, and you can also select your preference for font and dark and light themes.

Although you have to register and subscribe to use the web app (all through the Android app), you can play around with the theme engine without disclosing any of your data. Just visit the Group Notes Website and click the color picker icon, and you can explore the website in different colors. Since the web app is responsive and adapts to your screen size, you can also try it on your phone.

As for the technical background, Xavier Tobin, developer of Bundled Notes, told us that he uses the Material color utilities which are part of Google’s Material Foundation on Github. He explained that these utilities offer a few other capabilities like the ability to extract colors from images, much like how Material You works on Android. It wouldn’t be surprising if Google were looking for a way to bring this feature to Chrome, either just on Chromebooks or on other platforms as well.

With Google offering these tools to third-party developers, it’s clear the company has high hopes for its design language, and we assume that at some point in the future we may

Other than tweaking the Material You interface, not much has changed on the surface with this grouped notes update, other than behind-the-scenes improvements. Bigger improvements are supposed to come later down the road, though.

Although Google does not support wallpaper-based Material You themes on the web, it is in the process of updating its web apps with other Material You elements such as buttons, forms, and forms. It’s currently rolling out a small revamp of the new Gmail experience on the web with these small improvements, all without the ability to choose a color as your preferred scheme at the moment (disregarding the long-existing themes you can configure in the Gmail settings, which aren’t that grainy).

Material You brought a breath of fresh air to Android, at least when we only look at Google apps and some third-party developers who were already keen enough to implement it. Google’s dynamic new design language with its individualized themes hasn’t made the jump to another platform yet, although Google is working hard to bring it to Chromebooks, so we may be getting more hands-on versions of this soon. type of web application themes.


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