Netflix shuts down Tudum, the ‘Backstage Pass’ editorial website for its content streams


Netflix’s famous sound effect for its opening billboard got a big break when the company decided to turn it into an editorial website that would give everyone a behind-the-scenes pass to its content. However, five months later, the streaming company decided to reduce the entire webpage to several reports, with Netflix confirming this new change.

Netflix Tudum shuts down after 5 months of operation

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After releasing Netflix’s Investor Reports for Q1 2022 Earnings, it announced some sad news that affects both fans and its employees under the department. After five months in operation, Netflix is ​​shutting down its Tudum website (via Tech Crunch) with no possible relaunch or news of its return for everyone’s entertainment needs.

The company hasn’t explained much about the reason for its closure, but it only shows that the company hasn’t given the publication growth, and that may be because of the losses it has suffered for the trimester. Media websites and entities like Tudum can take years to become an established site, but it hasn’t reached that point for the company.

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More behind-the-scenes passes, editorial insiders

There are no more behind-the-scenes passes, and editorial insiders will be looking at offerings from Netflix Originals and other companies. It looks like he will stick to his social media platforms to promote and talk about content, but not so much about his unique take on reporting and showcasing what he offers.

The company’s recent Q1 2022 report focuses on its loss of streamers hitting 200,000, and the company suffered revenue losses that could see Tudum see an ax from Netflix.

Netflix and its offers

Netflix is ​​trying something new for its platform, and it’s the shift to ad-supported viewing at cheaper prices that the company would see partners insert between videos. The new subscription plan is an offer from the company to invite more people to stream on their platforms, and it will focus on acquiring new subscribers which aims to save money.

It follows in the footsteps of Spotify, YouTube and other streaming platforms available today.

Another offering from the company is to create a full media franchise with the popular card game known as “Exploding Kittens”. The company will offer a game by April through the Netflix Games platform and a series to be released on its website by 2023.

Netflix’s “Exploding Kittens” has already reunited and announced its cast to play the cats in the series, with Tom Ellis leading his show.

Netflix tries to provide plenty of deals for everyone now, but that would continue without its editorial website which has fans all over the world and tunes into its releases.

Netflix hasn’t said much about why it shut down Tudum’s website, only confirming several reports that it’s no longer going after five months since its original release.

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