NBA website may have spoiled MVP winner


The NBA may have accidentally leaked the MVP award winner quite awkwardly on Friday.

The league’s postgame coverage of Friday’s playoff game between the Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat may have released Joel Embiid as the MVP winner. Users noticed that on the front page of the NBA playoffs cover, the game’s blurb cited Embiid as “Kia MVP”, although the award has yet to be awarded. The text could be seen both on the league’s mobile app, as well as on the front page of its playoff news site.

The original text remained on display for at least 20 minutes before the wording “Kia MVP” was changed to “Kia MVP Finalist”.

The NBA does not usually publicly announce the MVP until the time of the NBA Finals. This year’s announcement was highly anticipated, with the vote expected to be close in a three-way race between Embiid, Denver’s Nikola Jokic and Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo. To accidentally come up with the winner so early on the league’s website would be a huge mistake, especially when even other stars were weighing in with their picks.

To be clear, it’s possible there was just one word missing and the wording was meant to include the word “finalist” throughout. Even if so, it’s an unnecessary mistake that will likely trigger unwanted speculation and conspiracy theories.


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