Jordan Peele launches spooky website for mysterious Nope theme park


Jordan Peele launched the official website for Nope’s surreal and potentially horrifying theme park, Jupiter’s Claim, ahead of the film’s premiere.

Acclaimed horror director Jordan Peele has launched an official website for the Wild West theme park based on his upcoming film Nope.

Peele recently tweeted a link to the fictional attraction Jupiter’s Claim website. The site greets visitors with a message from “child actor and reality TV star” Ricky “Jupe” Park (Steven Yeun). The greeting welcomes visitors to “California’s Best Gold Rush Theme Park in the Santa Clarita/Lancaster Area” before the brightly lit image of the park is plunged into darkness.

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The site features a host of pages to explore, from those covering the park’s vague fictional history to a gold-gathering mechanic complete with a “Winkin’ Well” through which to turn those “Jangles” (coins) into wishes. The storefront of the site features a host of park items, including commemorative plaques and signed cast portraits. While all of these are obviously out of stock, actual digital postcards are available for download.

Nope marks Peele’s third original horror film, following 2017’s get out with Daniel Kaluuya and 2019 We with Lupita Nyong’o. All three were produced by Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions, under which he created and produced Key and Peele dating back to 2012. Monkeypaw is also currently producing the upcoming Netflix stop-motion animated genre mashup film Wendell and savageplus the long-awaited remake of horror icon Wes Craven’s 1991 classic people under the stairs.

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While plot details for Nope have been sparse thus far, the official synopsis tells early audiences that “keepers of a California ranch encounter a mysterious force that affects human and animal behavior.” The film’s promotional material, including its trailer, has given fans plenty of reason to expect its rural setting and apparent alien mystery to unfold into something grander than they had. expected when his “mysterious strength” is finally unveiled.

Peele has already commented on the reactions he hopes to elicit with Nope, saying, “Well, you know, I wrote it at a time when we were a little worried about the future of cinema.” He further explained, “So the first thing I knew was that I wanted to create a show. I wanted to create something that audiences should come and see. It’s a horror epic, but there’s has points that are supposed to elicit a very audible reaction in the theater.”

Nope is set to arrive in theaters on July 22.

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