Google Images website now uses Google Lens search


After being integrated into Android and the Chrome browser, Google Lens is now the primary visual search experience on the Google Images desktop website.

To visit on desktop web now shows Google Lens between voice and regular search. Replacing the old gray camera icon, tapping launches a revamped way to initiate a visual search that uses Lens. Featuring rounded corners, you can drag an image into the box or open your computer’s file picker.

Search any image with Google Lens

You can also paste an image URL to launch a Google Lens query that launches to, allowing you to narrow down the search box and access text (OCR) tools or of translation.

In the meantime, if you want to access the old visual search experience, tap “Search image source” to open a Google search results page of 10 blue links and “visually similar images”.

We first spotted Google Lens on Google Images during testing earlier this year. To date, it is now widely deployed. It joins the ability to right-click images in Chrome to access “Find an image with Google” or the various entry points in Android, such as Google Photos, the Recents multitasking menu and the share sheet.

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