Biblical Website Linking Goddess Diana to Ark Launched in Honor of Gal Gadot’s Birthday


Birth of Venus and Primavera by Sandro Botticelli

According to an analyst, Gal Gadot is the embodiment of the goddess Diana and is linked to the upcoming arrival of the Son of God

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, April 30, 2022 / — Today, a Bible website on L’Arche and the Covenant is launched in honor of Gal Gadot’s birthday. is an experiential web portal that features the world’s religions, witchcraft and extraterrestrials; under one unified umbrella – God. The main storyline of the site is that the sanctity of women is under attack by corporate patriarchy, AI and advanced technologies. An ark must be built to protect the sanctity of women; and women’s cultures.

The Portal Reveals How Aliens/God Embed Messages In News Articles, Films And Music Videos, By Interference; look like an invasion – retaliation against man. An example is the helicopter crash death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. The site’s creator, Peter Bonewitz, a former economic intelligence analyst, says these interfering messages are interconnected via a cosmic web – dating back hundreds of years. “The strange events of the past few years had to be pieced together,” Bonewitz said, “and they revealed something profound.”

Expressed in allegory form, the website marries current events, symbolism, pop culture and icons like Christina Applegate, Rhianna and Kylie Minogue – with topics focused on women’s interests.

The arc of the site’s allegory is that modern democracy is eroding society into economic collapse. The site reveals that Gal Gadot was chosen by God as the real incarnation of Diana to help protect the woman from annihilation and the impending apocalypse – Judgment Day. Bonewitz says “the golden wings on Gal Gadot’s helmet during WW84 are a reference to the Ark – and God’s covenant with woman”. Bonewitz added that the Bible left a secret message in Genesis, “man will have a helper comparable to him. And the only woman comparable to the son of God – is the daughter of God.”

Finally, Bonewitz says the clues of God are all around us. “We all see pieces of the cosmic web. It’s in the songs that feel like more than just a song – they’re deep,” Bonewitz said. “For example, Madonna’s, ‘Ray of light‘ feels like something sacred. Then, our monotonous daily life reminds us that it’s just a silly song. There is no spiritual magic that connects us. It can be depressing.” But Bonewitz insists that “Ray of Light” is actually a sacred hymn intended by God to fit into a much bigger picture, the story of the Ark and Apollo ( Diana’s brother) – the son of God. the song through the words Zephyr in the sky at night was intended as a line across eras and mediums, connecting to two famous works of art, Birth of Venus and Primavera by Sandro Botticelli. Together, the music video, song and art aimed to convey a deeper meaning of the potential of relationships, the Ark and our connection to God. God gave us a giant card, instead of say straight – that’s what we think you should do”.

The website is free to the public. To view the site go to

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